We are a company that helps travelers to get to places with natural, cultural & ethnical attractives all over Colombia. We work with community tourism associations, making visible their projects and contributing with local guides training on field offering authentic & quality experiences.


Blessed with the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean , the Amazon jungle, the eastern plains & crossed by 3 Andean mountain ranges, Colombia is a biodiversity paradise perfect for nature lovers & adventure seekers looking for a place that offers both: Unique adventures experiences and destinations to just lay dawn and relax at the sound of ocean waves, colorful birds and smooth rivers.


We design our tours aiming to bring the most authentic and real experience offered by motivated locals in some traditional but also in some of the most unthinkable areas with hidden attractions, taking you to witness all the colombian tangible and intangible heritage, always leaving a message of conservation and sustainable practices for both: visitors and locals.


We currently support different local initiatives that aim to improve the life quality of several communities and individuals in all the 5 regions of Colombia through the tourism activity. Before choosing a service supplier we prioritize those ones that benefit directly local people with formal projects that also contribute with natural conservation in the post-conflict and rural areas we operate. Also when you buy our tours, roughly 80% of the income of every tour goes directly to local communities or service providers.


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