The Amazon department (province/state) is located in the extreme south of Colombia. Leticia, its capital is an special important nature travel destination, rich in biodiversity and historically important for ancestral indigenous cultures.

Its mix between jungle and indigenous ancestral traditions makes an environment with diverse natural attractives crossed by the magnificent Amazon river in a region that was sacred for different native communities and has a high level of conservation with the chance to watch abundant endemic fauna.

4 days / 3 nights

Discover the highlights of this incredible destination in a quick 4 days visit. From $690.000 COP per person (2+ pax groups)

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5 days / 4 nights

Get deeper in this marvelous adventure destination doing an special track visiting indigenous territories. From $990.000 COP per person (7+ pax groups)

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6 days / 5 nights

Do an special route oriented to appreciate fauna on some of the best spots while visiting indigenous communities. From $1.390.000 COP per person (7+ pax groups)

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