Casanare department (state/province) is located in the eastern region of Colombia, where the Orinoco basin creates unique ecosystems in the flooded flatlands where we can appreciate abundant biodiversity and the typical local “Llanero” culture.

This is a land of unique sunsets, cowboys, myths, legends and also incredible fauna with hundreds of bird species, reptiles such as the Orinoco Alligator, felines such as pumas & jaguars and endemic species of Southamerica such as the Capybara.

3 days / 2 nights

Live a group immersion enjoying the flooded flatlands ecosystem in an accesible and incredible local reserve full of fauna and “llanero” culture. From $899.000 COP per person (12+ pax groups)

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4 days / 3 nights

Discover incredible natural reserves with endless chances to appreciate fauna and live the Llanero culture at your own pass starting in Yopal/Trinidad. From $690.000 COP per person (from 4 pax)

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4 days / 3 nights

Get deep into “Hato La Aurora” natural reserve where the access is more difficult but the nature and adventure is guaranteed. From $1.150.000 COP per person (from 4 pax)

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