Chingaza National Park is located less than 50 Kms away from the fina ncial center of Bogota. It provides nearly 80% of the drinkable water of Bogotá, and it is also the supply of water for sorrounding towns, being the main source of water for more than 10 million people. It has dramatic landscapes that vary from 800 to 4020 meters above sea level and it is home of amazinf fauna such us the white-tailed deer anr the andear bear.

1 day trek

Get to know “Lagunas de Siecha” area where you will get till 3.800 m.a.s.l. with an amazing view of 3 sacred lakes. From $120.000 COP per person (4 pax)

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2 days and 1 night

Get inside some of the deepest trails of this National park till Laguna del Medio point. From $279.000 COP per person (15 pax)

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4 days and 3 nights

Explore this destination to the fullest (designed for advanced trekkers). From $680.000 COP per person (6Pax)

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