The Colombian Pacific coast is a destination of nature of high environmental wealth and unique biodiversity of the Colombian geography. This is one of the most humid regions of the world in which you can observe dramatic landscapes, incredible waterfalls and dark beaches.

During the months of July to October it is possible to observe the humpback whales that reach the Colombian coasts to have their cubs. The Utria inlet is one of the best places to observe these cetaceans. During our plan we can have a mixture of rest and nature accompanied by motivated locals who will show you the best of their territory.

4 days and 3 nights

Discover the best of Bahía Solano anytime from July till October departing from Medellín. From $1.690.000 COP per person. (from 1 pax)

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4 days and 3 nights

Enjoy a private tour through the best of Bahía Solano, PNN Utria & Nuqui in one tour departing from Medellín. From $2.090.000 COP per person (from 8 pax)

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