Guaviare department is located in the northern side of the Colombian side of the Amazon jungle. This area is full of biodiversity as this is the transition between the Orinoquia region and the Amazon. Its mix of jungle and special rock formations makes the proper conditions for unique wildlife in the area. Some of the high attractions of the area are millennial rock paintings, unique rivers and endemic fauna all over the area. This place was also sacred for several indigenous communities of which few groups still inhabit the area.

?‍♂️ Physical requirement: medium – high.
☀ Risk of sunburn & Mosquito bites.
? Possible changes in the weather & sudden rising in the levels of the rivers.
? Temperature: 18°C / 35°C
▶ DAY 1 (07:00) – Arrival to San José del Guaviare airport and reception by our local team & transfer to the hotel, where you will have accommodation on the option chosen previously & will have breakfast, after a break and a time to get ready and take a transportation in 4×4 for 20 minutes towards the circuit of ”Puerta de Orión” where after been received by local communities you will start to the hike of 9 Kms through a trail with low forest (sunscreen and head protection is necessary) visiting the great “Puerta de Orion” which is a rock formation that used to be sacred for indigenous communities and was discovered few years ago. During the months of June to November we will have the chance to end the trek visiting “Caño Rosado” which is known as the twin of “Caño Cristales” for its colours that are unique in the world. After ending the activity we will do the “Puentes Naturales” trail, will have lunch there and then head to “Las Delicias” waterfall. Once we end the trail, we will head back enjoying the sunset and returning to the town in order to have dinner and have rest at the hotel.
▶ (07:00) Breakfast and after that transportation in 4×4 for 120 minutes towards ”Laguna damas de Nare” where after been received by local communities you will have the chance to swim with river dolphins that inhabit the area, a marvelous experience in this isolated place where locals run a conservation project with all the fauna that can be seen in the area and used to be hidden due to the colombian conflict. During your time there you will enjoy a typical lunch with the locals and will have the chance to enjoy some moments with them. In the late afternoon we will start our journey back where you will have the chance to see different birds and wild fauna such as monkeys enjoying a sunset on your way back to San José del Guaviare to the hotel where you will have dinner and rest.
▶ (07:00) Breakfast in the hotel and then transportation in 4×4 car towards “Serranía de la Lindosa” where we will start a hike through a yellow rocky river where our feet might get wet completely (water non-slip shoes are advisable) ending in some natural Jacuzzi`s called “Pozos Naturales” where we will have a free time to enjoy the fresh water of this river, then we will have lunch in a local restaurant and subsequently we will head to an area called “Túneles Naturales”, where we will hike for 2 kms in order to get to the natural rocky tunnel formations in this area, once we end the trail, we will head back enjoying the sunset and returning to the town in order to have dinner and have rest at the hotel.
▶ (07:00) Breakfast and after that we will ask you to take clothes for 1 night in a different rural accommodation (You can also leave some stuff at the hotel), then transportation in 4×4 for 90 minutes towards ”Cerro Azul” where after been received by local communities you will start to the hike of 3 Kms through a selvatic trail and one cave till we get to one of the most conserved and best rockart murals of Colombia, that used to be hidden due to the colombian conflict. These paintings are thought to be more than 2000 years old, and we will end the trail in an elevated lookout of the amazon jungle. After ending the activity we will have lunch and then head to a place called Playa Guio where you will spend that night surrounded by nature and plenty of bird and wild species in basic cabins.
▶ (07:00) Breakfast and then a boat ride towards Laguna Negra (Black lagoon). On the way to the lagoon you will be taken through a creek where you will see different bird species as this is one of the greatest spots to do it and also some monkey species can be spotted with some luck. Once you arrive to the lake, it will be possible to take a bath and swim in the fresh dark waters of the place and relax after a this 5 days jungle journey. Then you will be taken back to the cabin where you can share some moments with former coca-producers which run a tourism project there and will have lunch with them. In the afternoon you will be taken to San José del Guaviare to pick up all your stuff and head to the airport for your flight back home.
✅ Ground Transportation from & to Bogotá.
✅ All the transportations at the area (fluvial in boats & ground in off-the-road trucks).
✅ Visit of “Serranía de la Lindosa”.
✅ Visit of “Túneles naturales”.
✅ 3 nights of de accommodation in beds in double, triple or multiple rooms at Quinto Nivel hotel. *option of private personal acmommodation available for an extra price.
✅ 1 night of rural accommodation in “Playa Guio”
✅ All the main meals during the trip.
✅ Navigation at “Laguna Negra”.
✅ Visit of “Pozos Naturales”.
✅ Visit of “La puerta de Orión”
✅ Visit of the Rockart of “Cerro Azul”.
✅ Visit of “Laguna damas del Nare” (Pink dolphin swimming place).
✅ Medical Assistance Card.
✅ Professional guidance during the activity (1 guide every 9 people).
✅ Bilingual trip coordinator from the Outlanders team (only for big groups).
➡ Snacks & souvenirs.
☑ Follow and abide the instructions of the local guides during each one of the hikes, treks and activities to be done.
☑ Be prepared with appropriated clothing for a 5 days of the trip with a warm and humid weather common in the amazon region.
☑ It is important to take cautions against mosquitos & have the vaccination against yellow fever at least 10 days before the trip (This vaccination should be renewed every 10 years).
✔ “Long sleeved T-shirts for the hikes as in some of them there is not a lot of shade and you should avoid sunburns.
✔ Mosquito Repellent (There are many at the area)
✔ Appropriated footwear for the hikes. (Waterproof trekking boots are recommended and at least another pair of boots for change or several pairs of sneakers).
✔ Swimming suit, towel and sandals (Every day there will be a chance to take a shower on the rivers. Sunscreen.
✔ Rigid (not disposable) recipient for the water (canteen)
✔ Caps, fishing hat and/or head protection for the sun.
✔ Personal documents and medical insurance.
➡ Option of renting a private personal room (from 40.000 pesos extra per night per person depending of the room chosen).

➡ Option of flight transportation of 1 or 2 ways with SATENA AIRLINE in the Route Bogotá – San José del Guaviare for a price between 100.000 – 350.000 pesos per way (depending on the anticipation and date to be reserved)*.
* We ask you to contact our agents to coordinate it.


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