Chingaza National Park is located less than 50 Kms away from the fina ncial center of Bogota. It provides nearly 80% of the drinkable water of Bogotá, and it is also the supply of water for sorrounding towns, being the main source of water for more than 10 million people. It has dramatic landscapes that vary from 800 to 4020 meters above sea level and it is home of amazing fauna such us the white-tailed deer and the andear bear.

?‍♂️ Physical requirement: medium.
? High altitude: (≤ 3800 m.a.s.l.).
? Long hikes: (22 kms in total)
? Temperature: 18°C / 2°C
▶ (06:00) – Departure from the agreed point in private vehicles (4×4, Van or Bus), then we will have breakfast in La Calera town before leaving to the entrance of the national park where we will do the registration and will start the hike by “Lagunas de Siecha circuit (9.5 Kms.). During the hike we will have lunch “Pic-nic style” and then we will get in our transportation again in order to get to the Monterredondo area where we will have accomodation according to the option previously selected. If the time and weather conditions allow it we will do a short hike (2 Kms) through the “Suasie Corto” trail. At night we will have dinner and time to rest.
▶ (06:00) – Breakfast, and after check-out from the hotel with all the backpack and camping elements, departing to “Laguna de Chingaza” sector where we will start a trek of 10 Kms attemting to reach “Laguna del Medio” (with high probability to get feet wet, so we recommend to take good trekking boots and clothes for change once the trek is over) there we will have lunch “Picnic style” after that we will continue our trek heading to the “Guatiquia” Canyon where we will set our campsite with our professional camping equipment and spend the night having dinner in this amazing area.
▶ (06:00) – Breakfast at the campsite, and then we will disassemble the campsite in order to start a trek towards Villavicencio (Meta) where we will pass through several hanging bridges where we will see different rivers and wildlife proper of lower altitudes having such at San Juanito town (Meta) and then following our path to Villavicencio experiencing almost all the thermal floors of Colombia passing through unexplored canyons and river springs that will amaze you and ending the day in a hotel located in the sorrounding areas of Villavicencio city.
▶ (08:00) – Breakfast at the hotel and time to enjoy the pool at the hotel listening to stories of locals about the post-conflict and the current farming and conservation projects at the area. Afterwards you will have lunch and the hotel and then head to Bogotá in our private transportation by road ending our 4 days expedition in a region full of biodiversity.
✅ Private ground transportation from Bogota to Chingaza National Park & from Villavicencio to Bogotá.
✅ All the meals during the trip.
✅ Trek to “Lagunas de Siecha trail (subject to weather conditions) 9,5 Kms
✅ Hike to “Suasie corto trail”
✅ Sightseeing of deers in Monterredondo area.
✅ 2 nights of accommodation in hotels depending on the option choosen (private or shared rooms)
✅ 1 night of camping accommodation in “Guatiquia canyon” in a place with dramatic landscapes and spectacular natural scene.
✅ Trek to “Laguna de Chingaza” & “Laguna del Medio” 10 Kms
✅ Trek around the “Guatiquia canyon” and all the waterfalls and water springs in the region.
✅ All professional camping elements for the camping night.
✅ Local guidance during the whole weekend (1 guide every 8 people).
✅ Travel & rescue assitance card.
➡ Entrance Fee to the National Park:
• Students of 25 years old or less, colombians or foreigners, showing their student ID: 16.000 pesos
• Colombians above 25 years old: 19.000 pesos
• Foreigners above 25 years old: 51.500 pesos

➡ Snacks & Souvenirs.
In the mountain you are exposed to the changes of the weather, and the differences of pressure, the temperature, the oxigen, the winds and the rain may imply situations with certain risk, so it is important to take into account that:

☑ It is important to have an acceptable physical condition.
☑ If you have any cardiovascular illness, cronic asma, epilepsy among others it is not recommended to attend the trip.
☑ Pregnant women, kids younger than 12 years old, adults older than 70 years old or people with overweight should avoid this kind of extreme activities of high mountain and long treks.
☑ It is forbidden to consume alcoholic or psicoactive substances during the expedition.
✔ Appropriate clothes for cold weather: Minimum 1 Jacket, 2 Pants, Several pairs of socks (or alternatively thermal socks)
✔ Appropriate Footwear: waterproof boots or 2 pairs of boots and at least 1 pair of sneakers for change for the hike to El medio lake, where the feet might get wet completely. (Take into account waterproof elements preferably).
✔ Sunglasses & Sunscreen.
✔ Water Bottle, preferably not disposable (The water is drinkable in several points of the tour)
✔ Flashlight & gloves for the cold.
➡ Accomodation in private bed for couples (due to availability of rooms, as there is just 1 private room for couples in the cabin).


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