Mesetas, Lejanías & Uribe towns, located in the Meta department are destinations with several hidden gems thanks to their proximity to several National Parks such us Sumapaz National Park, La Macarena National Park and Los Picachos National Park.

These towns used to be an epicenter of the Colombian conflict in the past but now they want to show you the best side of a really fertile region full of biodiversity, special ecosystems and amazing local people with its llanero culture that you will love.

The most famous spot of this region and the place that attracts several adventure-seekers is the Guejar river, which is a pristine turquoise-like water body which offer amazing views all year around and also all the post-conflict stories and trails waiting for you to discover them.

2 days / 1 night

Enjoy the amazing “Guejar Canyon” & a beautiful waterfalls tour around Mesetas town in a quick 2 days tour through this marvelous territory. from $450.000 COP per person (8 pax Groups)

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3 days / 2 nights

Get into the deep of this amazing destination by adding a visit to “Charco Azul”, an unique spot located in the north of the “La Macarena” National Park in our 3 days tour. From $699.000 COP per person (8 pax Groups)

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3 days / 2 nights

Enjoy a full expedition adding the 5 Güejar river wonders located in the town of Lejanías and spending the nights in a charming coffee farm located in the hills of Sumapaz National Park. From $890.000 COP per person (16 Pax Groups)

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