“Nevado del Tolima” is a volcano that has a conic form in a steep summit formed by wash which ends in an snow capped layer on its peak. In order to be able to appreciate its awesomeness it is necessary to do a challenge of 62 kms by one of the most majestic places of Colombia naturally talking.

During our expedition that begins at 2,400 m.a.s.l. you will pass by different ecosystems of the Colombian geography in order to get to the ice level, doing an attempt of summit climb at more than 5.200 m.a.s.l.

?‍♂️ Physical requirement: extreme.
? High altitude: (≤ 5220 m.a.s.l.).
? Long hikes: (62 kms in total)
? Temperature:-4°C / 24°C
▶ (07:00) – Meeting in Salento main square (or pick up in your accommodation in Salento), after that a Jeep ride towards Cocora Valley. Once you received the final previous recommendations from our team and from the authorities we will start the trek towards “La Primavera” farm. On the way up you will optionally pass by the “Colibrí house” and have lunch on the way at a point called “Estrella de agua”. This will be a challenging trek (specially in rainy season) and will end with accommodation in bunk beds in a farmers cabin at 3.400 m.a.s.l.
▶ (08:00) – Breakfast in the cabin and then beginning of the trek towards the base of the volcano (located at 4400 m.a.s.l.), this will be an easier trek than the one on the previous day passing by spectacular Paramo and super-páramo scenes. Once we make it to the campsite, we will have lunch and set our professional tents and equipment for spending the night at that height. Here we will rest and wait for the dinner before sleeping and resting for the next journey which will begin really early.
▶ (02:30) – Beginning of the trek towards the snow-border line (4900 m.a.s.l.) Once there you will have breakfast and prepare all the gear and ice equipment in order to make it to the summit of the snow-capped mountain. The ice climb is done maximum in groups of 4 travelers and one expert mountain climbing guide and done it to the summit preferably before 7:00 AM. If somebody feels altitude sickness at any point of the expedition the guide will give the recommendations. After the summit the group will head back towards the “Primavera farm” where will have rest and the meals of the day sleeping again in bunk beds.
▶ (07:30) – Breakfast in the cabin and then trek back towards the Cocora Valley where you will pass again by “estrella de agua” point, a place where the Quindio river is originated, having lunch there and during this day you will go at your own pass in order to enjoy the trail and the last part of the expedition before arriving to Cocora Valley and be taken back to Salento in a traditional jeep.
✅ Summit attempt of the Nevado del Tolima volcano.
✅ Professional ice-climbing equipment.
✅ a 62 Kms guided trek in the magnificent Los Nevados national park and passing by different ecosystems of Colombia.
✅ All the main meals during the expedition (in the cabins and with portable stoves).
✅ 2 nights of accomodation in bunk beds in typical farmers cabin.*
✅ 1 night of high mountain camping with all the professional equipments included.
✅ Jeep transfer Salento – Cocora Valley and back.
✅ All the professional camping elements for the camping night.
✅ Mountain guidance (1 mountain guide maximum every 4 people).
✅ Travel Assistance Card.

*The trails permits and bed accommodations in the farmers cabin are subject to availability and permits of National Park Systems of Colombia as the trail capacity per day is limited, as earlier the reservation is made as better experience can be guaranteed.
➡ Snacks & Souvenirs
➡ Other expenses not explicit in the plan.
In the high andean mountains you will be exposed to quick variant and sometimes inclement climate, you will also be exposed to the difference of atmospheric pressure, the temperature and the oxigen. The wind and the rain also imply situations with certain risk. For this it is important to take into account:

☑ It is important to have an appropriate and minimum decent physical condition due to the demanding hikes you will have.
☑ It is definitely not advisable to attend the activity if you suffer cardiovascular illness, chronic asthma, epilepsy, among others.
☑ It is necessary to have good rest before the expedition and specially not to have strong body pressure changes in the previous days. Previous acclimatization to altitude is highly advisable.
☑ Pregnant woman, kids under 12 years, adults older than 70 years old or people with overweight should avoid or present medical note in order to do the activity.
☑ It is forbidden to take alcoholic or psicoactive substances before or during the expeditions.
☑ The use of googles with UV Protection on the snow-border line is advisable.
☑ We recommend to not to take luxury unnecesary articles for the expedition.
✔ Appropriate clothes for cold weather: Minimum 2 Jackets, 2 Pants, Several pairs of socks (or alternatively thermal socks).
✔ Appropriate Footwear: waterproof boots or 2 pairs of boots and at least 1 pair of sneakers for change because there might be rain or momments where the feet might get wet completely.
✔ Travel backpack hands-free to take your personal elements.
✔ Sunglasses, Sunscreen, gloves for the cold and flashlight for the night.
✔ Non-disposable water bottle (The water is drinkable in several points of the trails)
✔ Take cautions for your electronic devices because they might be susceptible of damages due to the humidity and rain in the area.
✔ Winter hat and/or head protection for the cold and for the sun as well.
✔ Personal documents and personal medical insurance.
➡ Transportation Bogotá – Salento – Bogotá (or from any other city), which we can help you to coordinate by ground or plane.

➡ Option of hiring donkeys for transportation of your own baggage (100.000 COP per day, with capacity of 3 backpacks).

➡ Accommodation the night before or the night after to the expedition in Salento area. (We deeply recommend good rest before the expedition).

➡ Optional private trails and special activities at the area.


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