Santa Isabel glacier is the most accesible snow-capped mountain of Colombia, and its peak reaches 4965 m.a.s.l. (16.290 feet). Its location is privileged as it is in the middle of Los Nevados National Park in the central mountain range of the country.

During our expedition that begins at 3950 m.a.s.l. will be possible to do a trail in which we can enjoy the landscapes of some of the highest mountains of Colombia, visiting the first day the “Otún” lake and the second day the summit attempt of this giant and be able to appreciate the panoramic of all the national park.

?‍♂️ Physical requirement: medium.
? High altitude: (≤ 4965 m.a.s.l.).
? Long hikes: (20,4 kms in total)
? Temperature: -04°C / 18°C
▶ (06:00) – Picking of the group from the agreed points (it can be only from Pereira or Santa Rosa de Cabal), then departure in private 4×4 vehicles towards the entrance of Los Nevados National Park. Afterwards we will have breakfast and do Check-in in a farmers cabin at 3950 m.a.s.l. Once we finish the accommodation we will head towards “otún” Lake by hiking and having lunch on the way, appreciating the landscapes and heading back to the cabin in the afternoon where we will have dinner and rest for the next day trek.
▶ (01:30) – Preparation for the beginning of the trek and provisioning of snacks and elements to start the day. Once ready we will head in 4×4 vehicles towards the place known as “Las Conejeras” (4100 m.a.s.l.). From there we will start a steep trek attempting to make it to the top of Santa Isabel glacier, once we make it to the snow border line we will have breakfast and take our ice equipment elements and get ready to walk on the ice and make it to the top of the volcano before 7 AM. We will have sometime up there to enjoy the view and then start the trek back where we will also be taken back by 4×4 to the cabin, have lunch there and then return back towards the initial point of the trip with an option to end in a hotsprings complex which is advisable in order to recover from the mountain experience.
✅ Summit attempt of Santa Isabel volcano.
✅ Guided trek of 20,4 kms passing by different ecosystems of medium and high mountain.
✅ Transportation in 4×4 cars during the whole trip.
✅ Acclimatization hike and visit of the “Otún” lake.
✅ All the meals during the expedition (in farmers cabins and on field).
✅ 1 night of accomodation in beds in a traditional farmers place located at 3950 m.a.s.l. (12960 feet)
✅ Profesional ice-climbing equipments for the summit attempt.
✅ Local professional guide for the experience (1 guide every 4 people maximum).
✅ Medical assitance card.

➡ Snacks & Souvenirs.
In the mountain you are exposed to the changes of the weather, and the differences of pressure, the temperature, the oxigen, the winds and the rain may imply situations with certain risk, so it is important to take into account that:

☑ It is important to have an acceptable physical condition.
☑ The use of glasses with UV-protection is mandatory in the glacier.
☑ If you have any cardiovascular illness, cronic asma, epilepsy among others it is not recommended to attend the trip.
☑ Pregnant women, kids younger than 12 years old, adults older than 70 years old or people with overweight should avoid or take a medical note in order to attend this activities of high mountain.
☑ It is forbidden to consume alcoholic or psicoactive substances during the expedition..
✔ Appropriate clothes for cold weather: Minimum 1 Jacket, 2 Pants, Several pairs of socks (or alternatively thermal socks)
✔ Appropriate Footwear: waterproof boots or 2 pairs of boots and at least 1 pair of sneakers for change.
✔ Travel backpack hands-free to take your personal elements.
✔ Sunglasses & Sunscreen.
✔ Water Bottle, preferably not disposable (The water is drinkable in several points of the trek)
✔ Flashlight & gloves for the cold.
✔ Winter hat and/or Head protection for the cold and for the sun as well.
✔ Take cautions for electronic devices because they might be susceptible of damages due to rain or humidity in the area. br>✔ Personal documents and personal medical insurance.
➡ Option of finishing the jorren with a night in a hotsprings complex in the surrounding area of the National Park.

➡Option of coordination of ground of flight transportation towards the picking point of the trek.


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