The “Cerros de Mavicure” are the main attraction of the department of Guainía, in the Colombian Amazon, they are a set of 3 monoliths located 50 Kms south of the city of Inírida.
The three hills are called: Pajarito, Mono and Mavicure (712, 480 and 170 meters respectively) and are located in an area that is sacred to several indigenous communities and contains a unique natural wealth in which is also the fluvial star of the South, meeting point of the Guaviare, Inirida and Atapabo rivers where the Orinoco River is formed
During this tour you also will experience a pristine destination denominated “the land of many waters” thanks to all its rivers with different colours and indigenous territories with preserved ecosystems.

4 days and 3 nights

Discover the highlights of this incredible department in a quick 4 days visit. From $2.490.000 COP per person (from 5 pax)

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5 days and 4 nights

Get deeper in this marvelous hidden destination adding a visit to “Raudal de cualet” to your trip. From $2.990.000 COP per person (from 5 pax)

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8 days and 7 nights

Get to know all the best of Guainia & Vichada in just one trip. from $3.990.000 COP per person (from 17 Pax)

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